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Support for school district efforts

For the publisher,

As retired educators for over 40 years each and grandparents of three school-aged children, we support the school board, administration and teachers of RSU 21. We have attended board meetings school and, more recently, John has replaced one of the schools.

What we have learned and seen firsthand is that board members, administrators and teachers are working and succeeding in delivering a dynamic, relevant and essential curriculum to every student in every grade from kindergarten to high school.

The confrontational and vitriolic rhetoric sets a dangerous example for our young people and does nothing to bring about constructive change. Discussions about school affairs should avoid unproductive and baseless judgments.

Barbara and John Ripton


Veterans Day request

For the publisher,

As we celebrate Veterans Day, I try to imagine what it would be like if we treated veterans as well as illegal immigrants. While there are at least 500,000 homeless veterans who cannot find affordable housing, exasperated by the demand created by the nearly two million people who flood our southern border.

Why don’t we focus on the people who risked their lives to defend our freedoms and our Constitution? I think many of us know the answer.

Invoice case


The organization appreciates the support of the community

For the publisher,

We are so grateful. No Place Like Home is a completely voluntary organization serving Arundel, Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. We’re here to help the elderly stay at home by providing free, local and non-medical rides and helping them with small household chores. We also manage the medical equipment loaner closet, loaning out medical equipment for free use by community members in the three towns.

This has been a busy year and we are grateful to the Town of Kennebunk, Kennebunk Light and Power, Spurling Fitness (new home for our equipment lending closet) and Hancock Lumber Company, among others, for their support. The many volunteers who drive, donate, deliver and connect with the wonderful Elders in our community make it all possible. Thank you.

If you would like to learn more about No Place Like Home, if you would like to borrow or donate (we need wheelchairs), or if you would like to volunteer, please visit our website at www. nplhmaine.org or find us on Facebook at NoPlaceLikeHome-Kennebunk.

We invite you to join us on November 18 for our open house. You can register by calling 207-558-2270.

We really agree, there really is no place like home.

Molly Hoadley, President and Founder

Nothing better than being at home

The school district struggling with the pandemic

For the publisher,

In a letter to last week Kennebunk postJim McMann asked why some families have removed their children from RSU 21, and suggested that the “culture of imposed policies and procedures” may be the cause. As the school board, administration and teachers grapple with this second school year of COVID, I have no doubt that some decisions have been unpopular and that some families have had to choose other options to deal with difficult family situations. .

Managing the pandemic has not been easy for anyone, let alone a brand new superintendent. Superintendent Dr. Cooper joined us in August 2020. She faced an ever-evolving public health crisis and coordinated political opposition from day one. Mr McMann, a leader of that opposition, was rejected by voters in Kennebunkport in his attempt to join the school board by a margin of nearly 2: 1 just five months ago. He seems to be continuing this campaign in other ways.

While most of the community is grateful for the strict application of CDC protocols, these policies can confuse families who have to make alternative childcare arrangements in unexpected ways. The goal was not, and cannot be, to make everyone happy. It was about keeping children’s learning at the level of excellence for which Kennebunk is known, while keeping our community safe. The success of Dr. Cooper and the school board in this regard has been remarkable.

Dan Sayre


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