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COIMBATORE: Failure is the stepping stone to success, said Thomas Edison. Mr. Logaeshwaran, a 26-year-old from Sulfur, is a shining example. His perseverance enabled him to pass the qualifying exam on the eighth attempt and be selected for the Indian Coast Guard. Having failed the exam seven times in a row in five years, he spared no effort to pursue his goal.

Recruited as an assistant commander, equivalent to the post of assistant superintendent of police (ASP), Logaeshwaran will soon begin his training at the Indian Naval Academy of Ezhimala in Kerala. He told TNIE: “After completing BE Mechanical Engineering in 2016, I attended a lecture given by a member of the military, Captain Rahul Siddharth, who gave an overview of employment opportunities for graduates. in Defense Services Engineering. “

He then joined the Delta Squad, a disaster relief team led by Lt. S Esan, where he witnessed several rescue operations including that of Manapparai where a toddler fell into a borehole. “Even though I started trying to take the Indian Coast Guard exam, I realized I wanted to be a part of this field when I visited a ship in 2019. The Indian Coast Guard job is multidimensional and the staff take care of it, the safety of the coasts, the ecology, the welfare of animals and people at sea, “he added.

Of his preparations, having failed seven times, Logaeshwaran said he focused on areas where he lacked focus. “I was weak in psychology and writing. I overcame it with hard work. I made sure I didn’t make the same mistakes again.” Passionate about rekla racing, Logaeshwaran breeds two Kangayam bulls.

Esan, Delta Squad Commander, said: “Logaeshwaran will be trained in team leadership, weapons training, weather reading, navigation and scaling. The job is difficult because even infiltration by unidentified people at sea will be handled by the Indian Coast Guard. “

Logaeshwaran has quit his job as a skills trainer at a Bengaluru-based institute and will soon be embarking on a new journey.



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