Have your child’s car seat inspected by El Paso firefighters


If you have a child, you know that getting their car seats securely in your vehicle can be a bit of a pain. It is very important that you properly install this car seat as it can be the difference between being safe and a tragedy. So how do you know if your child’s car seat is properly installed?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a pretty scary statistic on car seats. They say 3 out of 4 child car seats are not properly installed. That’s a lot of kids who aren’t properly protected by their car seats. If your child’s car seat is too loose, the harness straps are not in the correct locations, or the harness straps are too loose, your child is not fully protected.

You should also be careful about leaving the harness straps too loose, not ensuring that the chest clip is placed correctly, or using the wrong seat belt path. As a parent, I know that sometimes loosening a strap to keep a child from screaming is something I have done, but it puts your child in danger. Let the child cry, you will be home in no time.

You can have your child’s car seat checked by a certified professional by a nationally certified child passenger safety technician by scheduling a free car seat check with the El Paso Fire Department. They inspect child car seats on the first and third Friday of every month. You can call 915-564-5362 for more information or click here for the online registration form.

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