Grand Junction suspect masters the art of levitation


Have you seen this person? Was he eight feet above the ground when you saw him? Authorities in Mesa County would like to tell him about recent criminal activity.

Certainly the pictures are not much to go on. Then again, it’s not exactly something you see every day. He’s either a ghost, or an astronaut, or someone who’s not doing any good. Turns out we are looking at option # 3. He is wanted for questioning regarding acts of vandalism at two businesses in Grand Junction with damages over $ 5,000.

Had to do a double take

What exactly is happening in this photo? I must have looked at it four or five times before I understood.

At first it looked like a spooky specter hovering over a parking lot. On closer inspection it’s a guy in a white hoodie riding a bike. The camera failed to capture a strong image of the getaway bike, making the suspect appear to be hovering above the ground. I know I’m weird.

He stays busy

According to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, on Friday, August 6, officers from the Grand Junction Police Department responded to a vandalism call at 510 28 3/4 Road. Shortly after, MCSO MPs were dispatched to 2977 North Avenue over reports of vandalism and burglary.

Surveillance videos from both locations show the same thing: a man dressed in white throwing stones at the front door.

Not a fashion criminal

It turns out that a crime that this suspect did not commit would be a particular crime against fashion. Labor Day 2021 isn’t until September 6, so this guy has a full month before his all-white wardrobe is considered a fashion faux pas.

The suspect is described as:

  • Male
  • white hoodie
  • light gray pants
  • white high top shoes
  • black backpack
Mesa County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

Someone in this town knows the identity of this suspect. If you know this person or have any information about their fate, please contact Crime Stoppers at (970) 241-7867.

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