End of summer fishing bans for the Yampa and Elk rivers | New



According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, several areas along the Yampa and Elk Rivers reopened to fishing Thursday after bans were implemented over the summer.

Fishing bans have been lifted for the Elk River in the Christina State Wildlife Area and for the Yampa River in the Chuck Lewis State Wildlife Area through the Yampa River State Park and the Yampa River State Wildlife Area.

The mandatory fishing ban for the Yampa River downstream of the Stagecoach Reservoir Dam remains in place due to extremely low flow conditions, officials from Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.

A voluntary full-day fishing ban will also remain in place for the Yampa River at its junction with Fish Creek to protect spawning fish. This voluntary ban is due to expire on October 21.

Summer fishing bans for rivers were implemented in July due to low flows and warm water temperatures that put fish populations at risk, officials said.

Criteria for closure include when the waters reach 71 degrees, stream flows are 50% or less than the daily average, daily dissolved oxygen is less than six parts per million, or when fish condition deteriorates. visibly deteriorating, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Authorities are urging fishermen to “know before you go” and check conditions and closures online before hitting the road. Signage will also be in place to alert river users of continued fishing closures.



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