Destiny 2 has changed its Osiris matchmaking trials and players are not happy



Destiny 2 is a game where the diversity between play modes helps keep all players involved to some extent, as there is something to potentially appease every type of player. This includes everything from Gambit to Strikes and Nightfalls to Raids, with seasonal activities and challenges also keeping players hooked. The Crucible also offers a different kind of gameplay, although it has often been a sore point for Bungie and Destiny 2 alike players. It’s either a place that determines big changes to popular versions and weapons, like the Stasis nerf that ended up affecting the PVE as well, or something that Bungie is constantly trying to improve in a number of ways.

This is the case with the Judgment of Osiris, formerly known as the Judgment of the Nine. This PVP mode has always been awkward in a way, as it often felt like a system designed to cater to players who were already very good in the Crucible rather than a more inclusive place for everyone to start regardless of their level. of competence. Then the trials of Osiris became somewhat toxic due to player behavior, but mostly this was an area where cheaters and the people who sold or bought transportation services thrived. As a result, Trials is something a lot Destiny 2 the fans never even tried. And yet, Bungie managed to change all that in Season of the Lost with a thoughtful overhaul that rewards players for their time, rather than wins, while making the game safer thanks to Bungie’s partnership with BattleEye. Unfortunately, this new positivity around the trials is already fading.

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Why Destiny 2 players are upset with the Osiris Trials matchmaking changes

destiny 2 osiris trials more population trials of the nine

Thanks to the Trials Report Twitter account, as well as Bungie’s latest TWAB, players can see how well the redesign went for Destiny 2‘s Trials of Osiris last weekend. Over 750,000 players engaged in PVP mode, and an overall total of over 2.8 million hours was spent on Trials of Osiris over the weekend, making it the most successful weekend ever. of franchise history. However, Bungie knows there’s always room for improvement, and that’s why new changes are coming this weekend – even if the community doesn’t seem too happy about them.

In TWAB and on Twitter, Bungie said that matchmaking for Trials of Osiris will change for players who reach Flawless for the first time this week, and that’s not based on characters, but rather accounts. The change means that players who arrive at the Lighthouse, regardless of whether they have become flawless for the first time in their lives or have been worn by someone else, will face other flawless players in future matches. It’s not too bad for players who are naturally good at the Crucible, but it can be problematic for those who get Flawless without necessarily being at the same level, thus punishing average players.

Probably Bungie’s intention was to dilute the pool of possible matches for players who don’t get Flawless Cards, so that they don’t encounter highly skilled players. And yet, if these players manage to hit Flawless, it’s likely that their ability to do the weekend trials well will be immediately hampered by the new matchmaking system. Essentially, it ends up rewarding those who are really good regardless of all these changes.

Still, Bungie has said it will monitor how things go from there and listen to player feedback, which means there is hope for better changes in the weeks to come. Hopefully, the many complaints about this new matchmaking setup will be heard.

Destiny 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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