Damaged Dade City community garden, stolen plants



DADE CITY, Fla .– The Dade City Garden Club says someone has done little more than “stop and smell the roses” in their community garden.

“I was speechless,” said Garden Club co-chair Diane Scott, “There were actually five of our eight gardens that were vandalized. “

Over the past week, Scott says someone has come and taken plants. And a lot of them.

“It’s mostly plants taken, stolen or left to die because ‘Oh, I found a better one here. I don’t want this one,'” she said.

In total, Scott estimates the damage to the plants to be almost a thousand dollars.

But that is not all that has been done.

“The rocks are literally scattered around and thrown away. You can literally see them actually just throwing them away. Now that it’s a rock garden, someone is going to have to work to put them back in place,” Scott said.

Someone also knocked over a rock formation and moved a huge iron gate.

“I am amazed that anyone can move this door. It doesn’t move. It’s heavy, ”Scott said.

Right now, the club members’ guess as to who did it is as good as anyone.

“It’s just sheer nastiness, sheer nastiness, there is no reason that we are a completely voluntary organization and we are here for the use of the city,” said the Garden Club co-chair, Mona Goossens.

But they have a hunch as to why it was done.

“I’m just wondering if someone hasn’t made their own personal garden really nice with our ‘free’ plants,” Scott said.

If you want to help Scott and Goossens say there are two ways to do it. You can either donate to the club to help replace plants that have been damaged or taken, or attend their Monarch Butterfly Festival on October 23.

Scott also told ABC Action News that the club also filed a report with the Dade Town Police Department.



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