Corvette ZR48 boat pulls away from Coast Guard


The infamous Corvette ZR48 boat has struck again. You will remember this unique Mercury Marine Racing twin-turbo engine that develops 1,350 hp. Together they produce 2,700 hp of rooster tail horsepower. And in this case, shared on YouTube, he needed it all, as he skims over the US Coast Guard.

Do not attempt this with or without the ZR48 Corvette boat

Speedboat Corvette ZR48 | by YouTube

Hotdogging a weekend around boaters who gather for summer hijinks is not a good idea. The Coast Guard didn’t think so either. A chase ensues, which ends shortly after it is initiated. This was due to the pace and distance at which the Corvette ZR48 boat flies.

Soon all that is visible is a rooster’s tail. The boat is completely darkened from behind as it gets further and further away from the shore and the revelers. Besides the crazy amount of mercury race power it harnesses, the hull is made of carbon fiber. Lightness is therefore another factor in the ability of the boat to disappear.

Corvette ZR48
Speedboat Corvette ZR48 | MTI

As for the video itself, there is annoying language, commentary, and overall shaky quality. Where it wasn’t to be the only video of the incident we probably would have skipped.

What’s in the cabin of the ZR48 Corvette boat?

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It features gullwing doors, a power sliding rear window, and elements from the Corvette ZR1 like the steering wheel, instrument cluster, and shift knob. Also inside are leather seats and LED accent lighting.

Corvette ZR48
Speedboat Corvette ZR48 | MTI

And is it just us, or does it look like Batman or Darth Vader’s ship? The black, sly, swoopy look really adds to the sinister, yet slightly comedic vibe of the boat. Although from the rear you definitely get the Corvette connection.

But as fast as it needs to be, it feels like it’s more of a party boat. Inside, there’s an 8,000-watt audio system. It also has air conditioning, a big-screen TV, and a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to stream any content associated with partying, speeding, and escaping the law.

Who built the speedboat?

Corvette ZR48
Speedboat Corvette ZR48 | MTI

This boat, built by Marine Technology Incorporated, was originally sold in 2011 for $1.7 million. It was relisted in 2013 for $1.9 million. It is therefore difficult to give it a value more than ten years later. Sometimes these extreme items cost more, but sometimes they cost much less. We expect this statement to be so dramatic that it retains its value well.

Corvette ZR48
Speedboat Corvette ZR48 | MTI

The custom trailer is also part of the package, if you are interested in the speedboat. With the Oklahoma plates on the trailer, we’re guessing it happened somewhere off the coast of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico. It doesn’t matter, but wherever it is, you can see how it stands out next to the little square boats where the video was made.

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