Coast Guard reunites mother and daughter at Portmarnock Beach


Heroic members of the Coast Guard were able to reunite a mother and daughter after their separation at Portmarnock Beach on Friday.

Most taking advantage of the warm weather this week, people flocked to popular swimming spots across the country.

However, panic has gripped the popular Dublin beach after a mother and daughter split up.

Quick-thinking rescuers were able to call the Coast Guard who conducted an instant search, involving cars, boats and a helicopter.

Fortunately, the mother and daughter were reunited to the applause of other swimmers in the area – with one woman tweeting that the Coastguard did double duty – carrying out the search as a man suffered a minor injury.

Well done lifeguards at #Portmarnock beach today! she wrote. “They got the @IrishCoastGuard out very quickly for a missing child. Patrol cars, boats and helicopters came out and everything was a little anxious for a while and finally the child was reunited with his mother. Applause from many!’

Heroic members of the Coastguard were able to reunite a mother and daughter after they separated at Portmarnock Beach on Friday. Photo: Google Street View

“While dealing with another minor injury issue. The man had injured his arm. Fair play also towards the mother who remained incredibly calm. There were lots of tears and hugs as the child got out of the patrol car. Made everyone’s applause very emotional.

The rescue comes as the Coast Guard slammed jet ski users for ‘unacceptable behaviour’ at another popular bathing spot in Dun Laoighaire.

The Dun Laoghaire branch of the Irish Coast Guard took to Twitter to post a video of four jet ski users driving their vehicles close to swimmers at the popular Forty Foot location.

The Dun Laoighaire branch of the Irish Coastguard has criticized jet ski users for breaking local regulations in the area when they drove their jet skis dangerously close to people in the Forty Foot. Image: Twitter

The four jet skiers cross the water within 100m of the Forty Foot bathers in the video, leading the Irish Coastguard to post a Tweet – Under local laws, jet skis are not permitted to be used within 300 meters of the high and low tide marks to ensure the safety of bathers.

“Unacceptable behavior from jet skis operating dangerously at Forty Foot on 10.8.22,” they tweeted. “Under DLR Beach Enforcement Laws 2012 jet skis must not be used within 300m of the foreshore and can only operate before 10am and after 7.30pm.”


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