Coast Guard responds to American Jazz cruise ship stuck on sandbank



Photo: WPSD

NEW ORLEANS – The Coast Guard responded to a cruise ship that ran aground near Canton, Ky.

According to several sources, the ship, named American Jazz, struck a sandbar only 4 to 6 feet deep in Lake Barkley.

The ship carries 120 passengers and 54 crew members. His planned route is from Memphis to Nashville over an 8 day period. Barkley Lake is part of this route.

The Coast Guard dispatched a crew of a 29-foot Paducah special-purpose shallow water boat to the scene. American Cruise Lines has issued the following statement:

“The American Jazz is currently being assisted off a sandbank in Lake Barkley. The small riverboat has not suffered any damage, and the guests and crew on board have been advised of the temporary delay. American Cruise Lines is taking all appropriate action with authorities while local service providers are assisting the ship American Jazz is following a seven-night Music Cities cruise from Memphis to Nashville and the cruise is expected to resume with some adjustments from the normal schedule.

No damage, pollution or injury was reported as a result of the incident. The Coast Guard and American Cruise Lines are working on a plan to dislodge the ship.

The cause of the incident is under investigation.



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