Coast Guard lifeguard reconnects with pregnant woman he helped during Hurricane Harvey


Five-year-old Wesley Lorio was rescued by the US Coast Guard before he was even born.

Deployed crew from US Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans came to the aid of her mother in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

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Kristy Lorio had a sudden and difficult delivery; his neighbors call for help.

Coast Guard Chief Graham McGinnis arrived with the rest of the crew, but they were unable to land the helicopter near the building.

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They must have landed in a parking lot nearby, and the neighbors helped prepare the bed of a big van to transport Kristy to her trip to the hospital!

FOX 26 photojournalist Darlene Janik Faires was able to reunite the lifeguard and his family for a rare reunion just in time for Wesley’s fifth birthday.

The Lorios say when they saw the U.S. Coast Guard arrive that day, they knew everything would be fine.


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