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ROUTT COUNTY, Colorado (CBS4) – Authorities have asked residents of a neighborhood in Routt County to stay in their homes early Monday morning while a female bear suspected of participating in an earlier attack was found and euthanized.

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An owner was assaulted at around 11 p.m. on Sunday when he encountered a sow and her two cubs inside his garage, according to a press release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The man noticed that the garage door was open, went to close it, found the bears and tried to back away slowly. However, the sow attacked, causing severe lacerations to the man’s head and legs which required surgery.

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He should survive the injuries, according to CPW.

CPW also said the owner stored birdseed and other “attractants” inside the garage.

“It’s an unfortunate reminder that we need to remain vigilant and ‘be aware’ at all times,” said Kyle Bond, CPW district wildlife manager. “Easy access to food will always outweigh the bear’s natural fear of humans, so we humans need to stay on top of the safety of all food sources. “

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The warning was addressed to the Whitewood Subdivision located approximately five miles southwest of Steamboat Springs. It was dispatched from the Routt County 9-1-1 dispatch center at 12:15 am.

A follow-up alert at 1:30 a.m. indicated that the bear had been located and euthanized.

CPW said the sow was located near the house.

The two cubs have not been found. Wildlife officers are still looking for them and plan to trap the cubs and transport them to a rehabilitation center.

The sow’s remains have been collected and will be analyzed.

CPW provided information on bear proof houses.

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