Amid investigation into counterfeiting charges in top Coast Guard promotions, officer also alleges misconduct at junior level



November 27, 2021 4:31 PM STI

By Ajit K Dubey
New Delhi [India]Nov. 27 (ANI): As the Defense Ministry investigates accusations of falsifying the confidential files of senior officers for promotion, a rank-and-file deputy inspector general approached the government alleging that despite to be at the top of the merit list, he was refused a promotion, which could be due to alleged embezzlement of the promotion commissions.
In the Redressal of Grievance (RoG) filed by a DIG rank officer of the technical branch of the Coast Guard, it was alleged that in the departmental promotion committee held in 2020 for the promotion of DIG to the rank of inspector general, his records were “skewed” and the digital ratings in his annual confidential files (ACR) were ditched to push him down with the “underhand” intention of promoting an officer well below the roster.
In the complaint, the officer alleged that all the exercise was done to favor an individual, defense sources told ANI.
The complaint came at a time when the Defense Ministry had to remove an entire promotion panel after the intervention of the Defense Minister’s office when it appeared that the RCOs of officers with the rank of Inspector General had been manipulated and that they had been assigned marks in previous RTAs. were modified to allegedly use a bleach to help less deserving officers get on the roster and get promotion.
Officer RACs have also disappeared from Indian Coast Guard records, which could leave room for manipulation in future promotions, the sources said.

However, in this context, the Ministry of Defense issued an order in force that while holding the officers’ promotion jury, their ACRs from the previous two years from the promotion jury date would not be taken into account. according to the personnel department. directives that were not followed before.
Defense ministry sources said the rule was implemented in the coast guard amid accusations of counterfeiting.
Shortly after the issuance of the order in this regard, a senior officer who could have been adversely affected as a result of the corrective measures taken by the government appealed to the Delhi High Court against him.
Defense sources said the government will take his case firmly to court and may order another investigation to identify the blame on the officer or officers involved in the alleged falsification of ACRs of officers of the ADG rank and below.
Defense sources rejected suggestions that there had been any kind of attempt to protect officials who might be behind this alleged tampering and said strong action would be taken against the culprits regardless of rank.
An Indian Coast Guard spokesperson said he would not be able to comment on the matter as he was unaware of the matter.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government at the Center has been very strict against corruption and exemplary measures have been taken against offending officials in all departments and ministries, including defense. (ANI)



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