Amazing surf videos: Drone footage captures huge washout and Coast Guard vessel faces massive wave


The United States was hit by severe weather warnings over the past week as the threat of winter storms reaches the mainland. But at sea, things are just as volatile as a series of clips from around the world have shown.

Our sister publication brought together some of the most amazing surf videos from the past week, including massive annihilation; a perfect tube of Leticia Canales in Lanzarote; and a Coast Guard boat battling huge waves off the coast of California.

Waimea Bay Losses

Waimea Bay, Hawaii is renowned as one of the best places in the world to catch some truly awesome waves, but do so at your own risk. In this video recorded by drone massive swell off Hawaii catches many surfers off guardresulting in some pretty incredible scrapes along the golden shores.

Olympic star Italo Ferreira meets Neymar in Paris

Surfing legend Italo Ferreira is known as the first Olympic champion in the history of surfing and its worldwide reputation clearly opens doors for it. After a brief trip to Barcelona will record a new documentary for Surf Channel, Ferreira then travels to Paris to meet another sports icon. The 27-year-old Brazilian, winner of the 2019 World Surf League, met fellow footballer Neymar Jr.

Leti Canals sticks a huge wave in Lanzarote

The Basque surfer Leti canals recently spent a few weeks training with José María Cabrera in Lanzarote. While there, she attempted the formidable El Quemaoa giant wave breaking over a coral reef.

“If you fail, you go to the reef” Canals explained in a recent interview but, as evidenced here, she nailed the massive wave.

Drone shows Coast Guard battling impressive wave

Giant waves are usually reserved for surfers and danger-seekers, but incredible footage captured on a drone shows the California Coast Guard battling the elements. The video was taken over Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California as a Coast Guard Cutter slams into big waves to the Led Zeppelin soundtrack.


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