Activate Good Hosts Socially Distant Volunteer Opportunities for MLK Day/Dignity Week

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — With Omicron surging and wintry weather prevailing in parts of Central Carolina, nonprofit Activate Good has curated a list of ways to give back without even leave your house.

Holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Tuesday are also a day of service where many volunteers volunteer their time or find other ways to give back to the community.

“So Activate Good curated a list of volunteer opportunities around the Triangle during what we actually called Dignity Week,” said Amber Smith, Executive Director of Activate Good. “It’s MLK service day, but it’s expanded into a week of opportunity. We figure in that type of environment and the world we live in offering as much flexibility as possible has worked really well for us. .

“So it’s a week of opportunity,” Smith added. “A lot of them are happening on Mondays, some are also happening on Saturdays, hopefully before the weather really hits us too. So on our website,, you can see a list of those opportunities. which are part of Dignity Week/MLK Day of service. We still have several open, some are in person, but we also have tree plantings and packing diapers for babies and families. We have lots of “ideas like that. And also, some remote opportunities where you can conduct your own scavenge for diapers or hygiene materials to help some needy families in our area.”

Smith said the need for volunteers and giving back is great not only because of the pandemic, but also the drop in interest after the holidays.

“So it’s important to stay involved and think of ways to help in the first few months of the year when we see a dip in the resources our partners are getting,” Smith said.

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