1 in 30 Holocaust survivors not receiving medical treatment due to COVID



At the Lemaanam Call Center, an organization of doctors volunteering for Holocaust survivors, the phones ring all the time. Thousands of elderly survivors cannot leave their homes, even to receive medical care or treatment.

In an effort to expand treatment options and procure an emergency medical services vehicle to make their services more available, doctors are reaching out to the people for help and launching a fundraiser for the first time.

Some 174,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel today and more than 1,000 die each month. Data collected by the organization shows that since the coronavirus outbreak, one in 30 Holocaust survivors cannot leave their homes to receive appropriate medical care.

Lemaanam, which means “for them,” was established in April 2020. The group so far reports 6,000 calls from Holocaust survivors who have requested the organization’s help to receive medical treatment at home or in a clinic, most of them having difficulty leaving their homes. and / or requiring assistance to reach medical centers.

With the organization’s expansion and growing demand for its services, the volunteer doctors have embarked on a campaign this week, at the end of which they hope to raise enough money to improve and expand the group’s business. According to Lemaanam, they have already answered more than 1,000 calls.

TEACHER. ROY BEIGEL treats an elderly Holocaust survivor with the help of the Lemaanam organization (credit: DANIEL BAR-ON)

The organization was formed by Dr Tamara Kolitz, who received the Presidential Volunteer Award in July. The organization performs home visits, clinic and “telemedicine” visits, telephone consultations, as well as assistance with bureaucracy and transportation of Holocaust survivors to and from clinics.

Lemaanam has amassed a vast network of volunteers numbering over 1,200 people, including 800 physicians and medical workers.

“Our goal is to help, improve and improve the lives of Holocaust survivors, but it is not enough and we have many other goals to achieve,” says Dr Kolitz. “We started this fundraiser to reach and help as many survivors as possible.”

You can click here to donate to their cause.

Translated by Hadas Labrisch.



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