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As the leading technology solutions provider and integrator to the U.S. government, Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) focuses on the defense, information technology and homeland security requirements of the military services and civil agencies. The Corporation’s advanced technology solutions draw on world-class capabilities in systems engineering and integration, complex project management, software development and information technology. These align with emerging homeland security requirements for enhanced command and control, threat information alert and exchange, border control, critical infrastructure protection and emergency management and incident response. Lockheed Martin Corporation is headquartered in Bethesda, MD.

The Manpower and ILS Story

Increased Automation and State-of-the-Art Technology, Decreased Manpower Requirements and Reduced Total Ownership Cost.

Capability Improvements

Improved automation reducing operator workload, training requirements, and enabling condition-based monitoring.

Integrated Product Data Environment (IPDE) maintains a single, authoritative data set program-wide for program performance and metrics.

Equipment selection, sparing, and training based on RMA improves readiness, availability, and supports system response, reducing operating expenses.

CGS Deepwater Priorities

Though Homeland Security is now priority one, over the 20-year build out of the Integrated Deepwater System, those priorities may well change. Therefore, the key to the success of the Deepwater Program is its flexibility. Built into the ICGS Deepwater plan is the ability to adjust what is procured for the Coast Guard from year to year. Also, as a performance-based contract, 80% of the work will be competed, allowing for flexibility and equity in vendor selection.

The Primary Mission

The Coast Guard is one of our nation’s oldest and most distinguished organizations. Yet many Americans are unaware of the essential services it has provided throughout history, and continues to provide today. For example, the Coast Guard currently performs fourteen federally mandated missions in the deepwater environment, including Maritime Security, Maritime Safety, National Defense, Maritime Mobility and Protection of Natural Resources.

The Coast Guard executes this wide range of missions with assets that are aging and technologically obsolete.

The solution to this is the Integrated Deepwater System Program, or the Deepwater Program. The Deepwater Program is an acquisition project to replace the ships, aircraft, C4I and logistics systems necessary for the U.S. Coast Guard to fulfill its missions. The Deepwater Program utilizes an innovative Mission-Based Performance Acquisition approach, and has teamed with the leaders in industry to provide maximum operational effectiveness at the lowest total ownership cost.